Monterey Urology CenterDear Friend,

Most likely, you were referred to me by your family doctor, internist or OB/GYN. Even so, I realize that you probably had a choice of several urologists. I really appreciate you choosing me and promise to do all I can to help you.

Whether you were referred to me or decided to come on your own, most people don’t visit a urologist until they have pain or other urinary or reproductive problems that are really worrying them. Whatever your problems are, it is important that we identify them right away … then get to work treating them.

When you come to see me, I promise to treat you like an important individual, not just a name or a number. I’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and find out about your symptoms. I will probably run a series of tests to both identify your problems and rule out more serious concerns. As soon as we have an accurate diagnosis, I may prescribe medicine or other treatment that should get you feeling better.

And there’s more. As your urologist, I realize that it is my responsibility to keep up with the latest developments in my field so that I can give you the best care possible. That is why I take continuing education classes and am active in professional organizations.

But even more important than my training and experience is my wonderful staff. From the friendly person who answers the phone, to my nurse and office manager, I am exceptionally proud of the people who make up my team. Not only are they skilled professionals, but they are warm, caring people who will go all out to make you feel welcome and comfortable in my office.

Why do I do all these things? The answer is simple. I want to build a relationship with you based on your trust and satisfaction. Again, I am very honored that you chose me as your urologist. It is my goal that each time you leave my office, you will feel really good about every aspect of your care and happy that you chose me as your urologist. If there is ever anything I can do for you – answer a question, explain something more clearly or reschedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call my office.


J. Anthony Shaheen, M.D.


Welcome to the Monterey Urology Center
Meridian EMR Patient Portal

At Dr. J Anthony Shaheen Urology Practice, we are dedicated to excellent patient care and ease of access, with this in mind we would like to introduce you the Monterey Urology Center Portal Meridian EMR patient portal. Our goal is to provide our patients with another option for communicating with our office.

Patient Portal is an easy and convenient way for you to contact our office at any time.


How to get started:

Here is a link for “Video Directions to Access Patient Portal” which will walk you through using the portal.



The first step is to click on the following link to our Patient Portal



The portal requires you to have a unique user ID and password. When you provide our office with your email address, our receptionist will provide you with a temporary password. Upon your first login to the portal, you will be prompted to change your password and set up your security questions to protect your privacy.

Username: ______________________________ > All Lowercase

Temporary Password: ______________________ > All Lowercase


Send us a General Message:

Patients can send general messages to the office including questions, problems and/or concerns. In order to expedite this process the office is asking that patients contacting the office regarding a possible urinary tract infection and/or antibiotic to provide the following information:

  • Pharmacy Name and Location
  • Name of Antibiotic (if requesting)
  • Preferred laboratory name and location
  • Symptoms patient is experiencing

Request a Refill:

Patients contacting the office regarding a medication refill are asked to provide the following:

  • Pharmacy Name and Location
  • Name of Medication

Request an Appointment:

Patients requesting an appointment should include the following in their appointment request:

  • Type of appointment requested
  • Preferred date and time


Prior to your appointment, please:

  1. Fill out the enclosed Patient Registration, Medical History, Billing Authorization Form and Cancellation Policy prior to your appointment , please fax,or mail to us to expedite your visit .

    Patient Registration

    Medical History

    Billing Authorization Forms

    Cancellation Policy
  2. If you have had prior consultations with your primary care physician or another Urologist, please obtain your medical records from these physicians prior to your visit or ask them to fax us any pertinent information relating to your current condition. X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds or biopsies pertaining to your urological problem should also be brought with you at the time of your appointment.
  3. If your insurance company requires a referral, please be sure that you or your primary care physician have contacted your insurance company to arrange for the appropriate referral prior to your scheduled appointment. Please bring your insurance card.
  4. We suggest you drink fluids right before your office visit to make it easier to obtain a urine specimen at the time of your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call my office.

Dr Shaheen reserves the right not to see or treat patients with certain chronic, complicated conditions or patients that have been under the care of other urologists. Many times patients may require university level of care that cannot be adequately, or properly cared for locally.

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