Advanced Urology Health Center, Inc.

Who We Are

Advanced Urology Health Center, Inc. (“AUHC”) is an ambulatory care center established at the Monterey Urology Center to provide our patients with a lower cost of care, while offering a higher level of quality care and safety. Through meticulous monitoring of those factors that impact patient health and safety, as well as cost-of-care, we strive to take care of our patients in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our goal is to obtain the gold seal of accreditation by The Joint Commission, an honor achieved only by the best ambulatory care centers. The seal is a reflection of our mission to perform to highest healthcare standards while keeping our costs down.

AUHC offers the same outpatient benefits you would expect from  a hospital. Our procedure rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and meet the highest cleanliness standards for high infection control.  All procedures are supported by experienced staff and medical/surgical assistants. You can rest assured that all necessary safeguards are in place for your complete comfort and safety.


Quality Improvement Focus

In recognizing the responsibility to promote a consistently optimal level of quality patient care at the lowest possible cost to the patient and third party payers, and to develop standards to assure such care, AUHC offers you an increased level of privacy and personal attention. AUHC has contracted with American Surgical Centers, Inc. (“ASC”), to manage a Quality Improvement and Risk Management Program based on the Joint Commission standards of care. ASC continuously monitors, evaluates and coordinates:

  • the functions of the Medical Staff
  • medical records
  • clinical services
  • infection and environmental control
  • risk management
  • outside provider services
  • and all aspects of patient care and safety

The quality program is designed to be an on-going practice whereby the high quality of care provided to the patient is maintained through regular monitoring and compliance with accreditation standards. Our keen attention to safe, secure and quality care provides you, the patient, with our commitment to maintaining an excellent operation with you in mind.


Value-added Indicators

As a result of this monitoring, AUHC brings added value to your visit. That value is reflected in:

  • Fewer infections
  • Increased safety in the environment of care
  • Increased staff awareness of patient history
  • Increased staff knowledge regarding current regulations affecting patient care
  • Regulation of practice activities by State and/or accrediting bodies
  • Thresholds for procedures in an ambulatory care center
  • Better decision-making by staff regarding care and treatment
  • Staff and patient awareness of patient rights
  • Avenue for complaints by patients regarding care and safety
  • Increased reference and components to informed consent with explanations, including procedure, physician, risks, advanced directives, facility ownership, etc.
  • Increased accuracy and completeness of medical records
  • Increased monitoring of patient care before, during and after visit
  • Assurance of medical staff evaluation/oversight by peers
  • Caution in use of anesthesia
  • Use of a time-out prior to procedure to assure a safe and team-based procedure
  • Monitoring of patient care during procedure
  • Provision of surgical services in a more personalized setting
  • Monitoring of equipment for issues related to patient safety
  • Provision of ancillary services to patient
  • Increased control of infection through sterile technique, universal precautions and oversight of sterilization of instruments
  • Staff training to learn of best practices and proper protocols
  • Monitoring of marketing products to assure consistency with services, regulations and quality standards
  • Increased security of your personal health information as outlined in our Privacy Practices


Your Rights and Responsibilities

We want you to know that you have rights and responsibilities that are part of overall patient care. Please view them here.


Patient Satisfaction

As a valued patient of AUHC, your patient rights will be honored. Knowledgeable and courteous staff will treat you with consideration and respect. Your inquiries will be answered promptly to your satisfaction and we strongly encourage your participation in health care decisions.

Patient satisfaction is our primary focus at AUHC. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate your business and hope that our services will provide you with a more personalized touch and sense of complete satisfaction.

Because we value your trust, we encourage you to fill out and return the brief patient satisfaction survey postcard you will receive prior to leaving the facility. This will help us to continue improving services that make a difference to you and support superior patient care and safety. We look forward to serving you, the patient, and to your helping us provide you with the best possible care.


Your Bill

We recognize that you may have questions or concerns about our insurance and billing procedures. Please use the content of this section to learn about our billing process. American Surgical Centers, Inc. bills all facility charges on behalf of AUHC.

  • Facility fees for your procedure at AUHC are for services including supplies,
    medications, equipment and nursing services. These fees are billed to your
    insurance company and are available upon request.
  • Separate fees for physician professional services are submitted to your
    insurance company by your physician’s office. Separate fees may be
    submitted for anesthesia services, if applicable, for your procedure.
  • Prior to your procedure, ASC will verify your insurance coverage and the
    amount of your deductible and any copay that is due to AUHC. Additional
    charges may be incurred depending on the procedures that were performed.
  • As a courtesy, ASC may file a claim with your insurance company for you. We ask you to sign an “assignment of benefits” form so that the check comes directly to AUHC.


If you have any questions about your facility bill, please contact our billing department at ASC (586) 498-9440.

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